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The Fourth Dimension 1. Close Your Eyes and See

Владимир Мунтян


Materialization of the spirit world

Today I have absolutely everything I ever wanted. Though I now have more than I could ask or imagine, but it was not always like that. Until 2004 I was just running in circles working night and day, but did not see any results in my life in spite of my tremendous effort. I prayed and received answers to my prayer; however I did not see any true transformation in my day to day life. It almost seemed I was a second class citizen always worrying about survival and always reacting to my situation. I was not truly happy, nor was I enjoying my life and I had more problems than solutions. I do not only mean the problems that I was short on material possessions, but that in my soul I began to search to fullfill my calling, for my dreams to come true, and celebrate personal victory. Then I discovered that a transformed life, where these heart desires are fulfilled, includes: being above your circumstances and not allowing the circumstances to control you.

For me everything had changed at one moment: I received a revelation about the fourth dimension. When I entered this new reality, my destiny changed forever.

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