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Personal Evangelism

Владимир Мунтян


“When I got home from the prayer mountain, I brought all my leaders together to share with them the things I received during my get-away. Step by step, I shared with them what we were going to do next and we began to move in this revelation. We didn’t go out to do street evangelism. We held on to the strategy God gave us. Masses of people began to get saved at our meetings. The number increasingly grew to be 20 and later 40-50 every time. Exactly one month later, we had 280 people in our church on Sunday morning instead of 130, as before. It was a real miracle. Years have gone by. People continue to be saved, except the extent of it is larger now.

Now, every Sunday the church comes together, we can see about 100 people saved. At the meetings we have in the Ice Palace, the biggest place in the city that can seat more than 5000 people, no less than 1500 people get saved every time. This revelation is really anointed. And if you have stopped believing things like this were possible in your ministry or in your life, I would like to encourage you because I believe God gave this revelation not only for our church, but to help other ministries to have a breakthrough too”. 

Vladimir Muntyan

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