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He Touched Me

Владимир Мунтян


Does the Holy Spirit want to be your friend? “I have found an answer to this question and it changed my life. He longs for friendship and fellowship with you. What can you do to start it? You simply have to welcome Him, you must believe He is there, that He is a Person dwelling on the earth today wanting to have fellowship with you. You must speak three words “Holy Spirit, come!” Don’t say anything else. It is not necessary. You don’t have to beg Him. He wants it Himself. 

A gentle touch of the Holy Spirit creates a holy moment. Knowing Him will give you wings and change the way you view life. You are to discover how intimate He is with you, how good, understanding you like no one else. He is casual and informal. There is none like Him. He is for you.”

— Vladimir Muntyan

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